Hour or Two

Distribute/collect donation pots

Distribute donation pots and/or buckets to your local shops and cafes by car or by foot to help raise money for HorseWorld - don't forget to collect them once they are full and return them to HorseWorld.

What's involved?

Contact HorseWorld (sofia.carosi@horseworld.org.uk - 01275 832 425) and ask for some donation pots. You can collect these from HorseWorld (BS14 0QL) or we can post them to you.

Contact local shops and cafes to ask if they will keep a donation pot by their till point. Leave your name and telephone number/email with the shop owner so that they can contact you when it gets full - or you can check in on them every now and again.

Collect the pots once they are full and return them to HorseWorld (BS14 0QL). If you are unable to come to HorseWorld, you can count the money and bank it yourself, then post us a cheque made out to HorseWorld Trust for the same amount along with the empty donation pot.

Why get involved?

Distributing collection pots is a great way to spread awareness of the charity among your local community and to raise money with minimal effort - every penny helps!

Donation pots are a large revenue source for us, so your ability to help us spread them further will make a huge difference to our finances, and so help us care for more horses in need of rescue and rehabilitation.

How to get involved?

Step 1. Sign into your account or create a new one

Step 2. Accept this challenge

Step 3. Contact HorseWorld to request the donation pots (sofia.carosi@horseworld.org.uk - 01275 832 425) and get in touch with local shops to make sure they allow them.

Step 4. Distribute the pots and wait for the pennies to roll in! (Make sure you collect them once they become full and return them and the cash to HorseWorld)

Step 5. Mark this challenge as complete

Ideal Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Event Stewarding
  • Fundraising
  • Money Handling
  • Working independently
  • Working Individually
  • Mathematics

Ideal Interests

  • Community Work
  • Fundraising
  • Retail
  • Visitor Service/ Front of House
  • Horse Welfare
  • Events

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